Sunday, July 26, 2009

duk umah

makan tdo..masak jer..
tgk tivi tak wat keje umah
Smalam g tesco..soping
kan baru masuk gaji


  1. salam..ummi told me about that shopping.
    oh..I just missed one chance of being treated by u..(ayat bodek nak suruh mu blanja.wakaka).
    when i'm back to m'sia,treat me ok.Take note! :P
    How about H1N1 in UPNM? Take a gud care of urself ok.
    Be extremely careful.
    Are u going back again if the holiday is extended?? (saje je tny n..aku dh tau jwpnnye:P)

  2. Ok...o problem.u should come back la..if want me to treat u..huhu.miss u so much.makin cute.hahahaha


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